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Phil Wood’s stainless steel ISO track cogs are available in 1/8″ and from 16 to 19 teeth.

The cog threading is 1.370″ x 24 tpi. In order to show that the cog is not plated, the outer face of each cog is polished and laser etched while the inside face is left in its “natural” state.

Phil Wood’s commitment to the best materials, precision machining, and their extensive heat treating process provides you with a world class track cog that’s strong, long lasting, corrosion resistant, and a component you’ll be proud to have on your bike.

Phil Wood recommends using their track cogs with their track hubs, as they are machined to work together seamlessly. Other track cogs on the market often have varied widths, sometimes resulting in a cog that is too wide for the threads on the track hubs which can lead to less than complete engagement of the lock ring and thread stripping from the hub.

Available in silver only.

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